Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Starting at the Beginning

I haven't updated my previous blog, The Accidental Athlete, in nearly two years. I guess I got busy, or it got old, or I just ran out of things to write. But I've recently started a new journey, one which will be tremendously difficult, and for some reason this seems blog-worthy. It's possible no one will read this, but at least it will be a way for me to keep a record of my progress and one more way for me to make myself accountable.

The reason I titled this blog "Being Dopey" is that the race I'm training for, this goal that right now seems huge and daunting, is a race called The Dopey Challenge. More info about The Dopey Challenge is here. What it entails is 48.6 miles of running in four days. Day 1 is a 5k. Day 2 is a 10k. Day 3 is a half-marathon. Day 4 is a full marathon.

I started running three years ago, and I have since finished races at numerous distances, including many, many 5ks; several 10ks; one half-marathon and one full marathon. I know I can cover the distances with the appropriate training, and I have about eight and a half months to prepare. The challenge is going to come with getting up each day and hitting the road once again while still being worn out from the day before.

My running style is a bit like the Energizer bunny or the tortoise from the tortoise and hare fable. I am slow, but I have endurance going for me. I can keep going and going and going. And hopefully that will get me through this adventure.

I'm not a super fit person. I'm not lean and in fabulous shape like you would imagine a person running this type of race should be. To really find out what type of athlete I am, it's probably best to read the introduction to my first blog. It's a bit long, but it explains my story.

And so the training begins. It will include lots of running and some significant cross training as well, mainly because I have to spend time on my bike to stay happy and fulfilled. Most of my running will be done with the two running partners you see on the sidebar, my boyfriend David (who will also be running The Dopey Challenge) and my dog, Maddy (who will not). 

This journey will also come with some weight loss, not because I think you have to be skinny to run long distances, but because it's something I've needed to do anyway and I think it will help make the experience more enjoyable. I'll try not to obsess about it, but I'll probably mention it from time to time.

Here I go!

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