Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Sunday, Another Run

Distance: 2.88
Time: 52:14
Number of times Maddy received inappropriate attention from other dogs: 6
Number of gunshots heard: Approximately 63

Sunday I took David and Maddy out to Rose Lake. It was David's first time running out there, and he really liked it.

Rose Lake is classified as a wildlife research area, but interestingly enough, I never seem to see that much wildlife there. There are, however, many people walking their dogs, several of which REALLY liked Maddy. Rose Lake has numerous trails and is a great place to run, as well as a nice place to mountain bike, particularly in the winter.

There are a couple of drawbacks to Rose Lake. One is that it is open to public hunting, and during hunting seasons it is basically off limits to anyone doing any other type of activity. In fact, during part of our run we started hearing repeated shooting and David and I wracked our brains to try and think of what hunting season it could possibly be. We couldn't come up with one, but a few minutes later the trail opened up into a parking lot where we saw a sign for the shooting range. So apparently it's the season for clay pigeons or something similar.

The other thing about Rose Lake I'm not crazy about is the fact that it's not signed AT ALL. This makes it a little difficult sometimes, and it seems like I frequently get lost out there. During this run we didn't exactly get lost, but when we reached the parking lot, we came out of a different trail than I was expecting.

Due to all the meandering and stopping to greet dogs, I had another really slow time. However, I have some new insights into my slowness problem and a plan to increase my speed which I will talk about in another post soon.

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